Wednesday Aug 09, 2023

#Zero(21)- Why Every Banker Owns a Tarot Deck: A Hidden History of The Cards

In episode zero (21) we are looking into the origins of the most mysterious cards ever created, the TAROT. Our story begins with the oligarchical elite of Renaissance Italy for whom the earliest known decks were made. History tells us these privately owned decks were made for playing games or for use as mere wedding gifts, but Mike's research exposes how this is undoubtedly a historical fabrication.

A careful study of these cards show they were highly charged magical tools filled with hidden esoteric knowledge—designed to be used practically in occult rituals designed to extend the owners wealth, power and influence. But who really created the TAROT and for what purpose? Whilst clearly used for black magic at varying times in history, the cards in their purest form depict a spiritual journey from fool to master, told through imagery that draws on universal archetypes.

Mike's own research suggests that far from being creations of the 14th century, the TAROT goes back much further, perhaps all the way back to Ancient Egypt and beyond. A key piece of the puzzle emerges when we go on to explore the Tarot De Marsailles, a set of cards which appears to have emerged in the region once inhabited by the Christian Gnostic sect known as the Cathars. Wiped out in a genocide by the Roman Catholic Church, today nothing remains of the Cathar's pure wisdom, or at least that is what we were led to believe.

But is this another misdirection? Was the TAROT their creation—a way of transmitting their ancient knowledge which used correctly, could take a person all the way through the spiritual journey and even to spiritual enlightenment? The real kingdom of heaven?

To better understand the power imbued in the cards in part 2 for members only we explore some of the secret symbolic, alchemical and astrological knowledge placed within the tarot. We then ask the question if these cards have being used not just to help inform the spiritual path of individuals, or for divination, but as a tool to help shape our collective reality.

To do this Mike considers the occult encoding of Ryder-Waite deck, questioning how some of its imagery came to resemble future world changing and mind altering events, such as September 11th. Finally, we will explore how we might use of the tarot ourselves as a path to spiritual mastery or as a window into the subconscious mind. To do this we look at the work of Carl Jung in relation to the tarot and a seminal book in the study of both the TAROT and Christian Hermeticism called 'Meditations on the Tarot' by an unknown author widely believed to have been a man named Valentin Toomin.



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