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The Parallel Mike Podcast lifts the veil on 5000 plus years of monetary alchemy and hidden esoteric knowledge. Along the way we attempt to decode the past, by exploring the spirituality & symbolism that surrounds us all.

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5 days ago

In episode 61 Mike is joined by Hosshin for a game of spiritual tennis, as they discuss everything from divine intuition and prophetic dreaming to fighting the good fight against the forces of darkness. Hosshin is a meditation and yoga teacher who in 2020 left the rat race to devote himself full time to fulfilling the spiritual path. It wasn’t long after that he first encountered Mike’s content and became part of his online community. Up until this point however they had never recorded one of their discussions on spirituality, and even this one was almost never published as the first recording mysteriously disappeared. So they immediately scheduled a second discussion for the following day...and this is the discussion you are about to listen to!
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Thursday May 09, 2024

Recently we found ourselves on a trip through cashless Sweden and we were astounded to find out that not only do Swedes no longer use cash...they no longer even accept it as a means of payment. Something that is possible through a quirk of Swedish law. So what happens when two people travel through a country with a wallet through of the national currency, which no shop will accept for payment. In episode 60 we find out. In part one Mike lays out the history of the war on cash whereas in part 2 he is joined by returning guest Art Moni to discuss their trip through Sweden and the philosophical questions raised by a cashless future.
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Wednesday May 01, 2024

Johnny is a returning guest who is known for his excellent research delving into the private lives of the global power elite. His most famous expose was a series of articles on Klaus Schwab, in which for the first time anywhere Johnny was able to reveal Herr Schwab’s families deep links to European Fascists and the Nazi part of 1930’s Germany. So what better mind to bring along for episode 59 where we will be discussing the next 100 years. A fascinating thought exercise, in which using their respective talents for understanding cycles and identifying future trends, Johnny and Mike converse on what will befall humanity during the next century. Together, they look at topics ranging from finance and military, to migration and population. This is a big episode with a lot of wisdom and knowledge for listeners to draw on.
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Wednesday Apr 24, 2024

Wayne is an author who specializes in researching the history of transhumanism and the esoteric content of the ancient mystery schools. In his work he links together a range of narratives and hidden histories to make sense of the long arc of history from an occult perspective. In episode 58 he joins Mike to explore the origins and aims of transhumanism and how this links to broader themes of spirituality and human liberty. In this episode Mike and Wayne discuss how the transhuman agenda is linked to depopulation, the great work and revelatory end times.Enjoy The Show?
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Wednesday Apr 17, 2024

Thanks for joining us for episode number 57 where Mike is joined by Julia Lupine to discuss EMF radiation poisoning. As somebody with an acute case of EMF sensitivity Julia had no choice but to change her entire life in order to ensure she maintained her health and sanity in a world that is now literally swimming in all manner of EMF radiation. Something which despite having increased billions of percent over the past 50 years, promises to only increase going into the 2030’s and beyond.
In part one Julia introduces us to what EMF radiation is, why it is so harmful to humans, and what health issues she has experienced as a result of it. Mike and Julia also discuss the consequences EMF radiation is having on nature, particularly plant life and birds. They also discuss the arc of history and why 5G and 6G present an even greater threat to humankind, and why this is not just a problem for people who feel the effects of EMF, but also for those who do not. Perhaps even moreso given they are likely unaware of the impacts it is having on their physiology.
In part 2 Julia shares with us how she has designed her life around minimizing the effects of EMF poisoning, including moving to a homestead out of the city and the many tips and tricks she picked up along the way for reducing the harms of these invisible waves. This makes for a very practical session which is sure to give listeners plenty of knowledge so they can go away and increase their own protection when it comes to EMF radiation.PART 2 FOR MEMBERS: COACHING (SUMMER COHORT): INVESTING NEWSLETTER & PREPPING COMMUNITY:

Thursday Apr 11, 2024

Gold is hitting a new all time every week right now, meanwhile the money we are forced to use in the economy is collapsing in value. But this is nothing new, in fact, throughout history there are 1000's of recorded examples of paper currencies collapsing in value completely. Sometimes they end in a frenzy of paper otherwise known as a hyperinflation. Other times, people go to sleep in the evening believing everything is fine only to wake up to find out their savings have lost 70% of its value due to a sudden and unexpected reset.
Looking at our own financial systems it's clear we are now on an irreversible route to one (or both) of the above - likely to finish with a grand finale which will usher in CBDC's and tokenized living. Time is now at the essence and with the gold price signalling that the end might be close for our debt soaked system this episode is a must listen for those seeking to protect themselves in the coming hard times.
In part one we discuss the experiences of returning guest Art Moni and her family who lived through and survived hyperinflation in Poland. From walking around with your life savings in your back pocket to try and exchange it for real goods before it loses another 50% in value to spending 2 weeks queuing in order to buy a washing machine. These are the real experiences of people who have already lived through something we might all one day be facing. One day soon perhaps.EPISODE LINKS:PART 2 FOR MEMBERS: www.parallelmike.comMIKE’S PREPPING COMMUNITY & FINANCIAL NEWSLETTER:

Thursday Apr 04, 2024

Some people are born with gifts for healing. Others with gifts such as clairvoyancy or the ability to know the feelings or thoughts of another. On tonight’s show, we speak to Ezra Millington, an ex athlete and now coach who recgonized early on in life he had a gift for spiritual sight. Which is the involuntary receiving of spiritual knowledge, prophecy or directions from Creator.
In part 1 Mike and Ezra discuss what led to Ezra discovering his gift and how his early childhood experiences of adoption helped him to shape it into something that could be used in service of others. Ezra also recounts how as a result of his gift he feels he has now faced numerous spiritual attacks during his life, including the loss of his physical sight in 2022.
This is a fascinating episode that tackles numerous subjects, from the debasements of masculinity and the impacts on young men who grow up without a positive male role model…to the spiritual warfare that is being enacted upon all of humanity, and looks set to only increase in the coming years. How do we protect ourselves and is there a way we too can attune to the spiritual frequencies that enable to harness our own intuitive knowledge or spiritual sight? PART 2 FOR MEMBERS:

Wednesday Mar 27, 2024

Right now profound energetic shifts are taking place here in this realm and much of the darkness, once hidden, is now being revealed. Big cycles related to debt and finance are now reaching their crescendo, after which a great depression is liable to follow. Meanwhile society appears to fracturing into a million pieces, as major incidents reverberate around the world. We truly are living in truly unprecedented times.
Is this all by chance? Bad luck? Or are we actually living through a much larger cycle shift. One known to the ancients but lost to modern man as a result of our pursuit of materialism and indoctrination by those who seek to control. Today’s guest, Bibhu Dev Misrah believes so and in his latest work ‘Yuga Shift’ he lays out precisely why we may actually be arriving at the culmination of a 12,000 year cycle that historically always ends in collapse and cataclysm.
GUEST LINKS:WEBSITE: Yuga Shift by Bibhu Dev Misra

Wednesday Mar 20, 2024

Thanks for joining us for episode 53 of the Parallel Mike Podcast where we are joined by writer Jason Liosatos to discuss the emergency transformation of human beings. Which, to paraphrase Jason, is the consciousness shift from the dying age of dead materialism to the new age and a new paradigm. One based on truth, community and a society organized from the ground up rather than the top down.In the show Mike and Jason discuss this transformation and how we can prepare and advance it in our own lives through self honesty and transforming ourselves into more empathetic and spiritually aware beings. As part of this conversation Jason shares his own inspiring story of overcoming addictions and how the universe guided him towards meeting his wife whilst he was stuck living rough and sleeping in the boot of his car.The conversation then turns to what next. We know where the world is heading and that a reckoning of sorts is now inevitable. And whilst it’s quite likely that many will succumb to whatever dark force drives that agenda as a result of their choice to continue living unconsciously, but what about the rest of us? Those who are ready and raring to go and undertake the project of building something new? In part 2 Mike and Jason have an extensive conversation about what it will take for us all to succeed.EPISODE LINKSPART 2 FOR MEMBERS:

Thursday Mar 14, 2024

The person consists of both soul and body; and the phrase, the removaI of such person, in a law relating to residence, means, the removal of the soul and body in life, and not the withdrawal of the former from the latter merely. Tute v. Jame.s,46 Vi. 60. Persons are divided by law into natural and artificial. Natural persons are such as the God of nature formed us; artificial are such as are created and devised by human laws, for the purposes of society and government, which are called corporations or bodies politic. 1 Bl. Com. 123.
What’s in a name? Or more specifically your surname, which has actually only existed for a few hundred years. So how did people survive for tens of thousands of years only their first name...their Christ name—but no last name? And why did it all change around the 1500’s, which not so coincidentally also happened to be the same period in which the banking oligarchies began to expand their presence across Europe. Could it be that our Surname is not real our name at all, but the name of something artificial.
A legal construct, so to speak, that can be taxed, fined, drafted and made responsible for the trillions of dollars of DEBT that the banksters have loaned into existence. In Episode 52 we dive into the rabbit hole once more to uncover what the all caps last name really means and how we can to posses it. In part one we cover the history of the surname and make sense of why it was introduced to begin with. Then in part 2 we reveal how it is being used to turn the natural living person into an artificial legal fiction, and how we unwittingly accept this through the adoption of the Roman Cognoman...aka, the Surname.

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